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/* $Id: ParserDriver.hpp 4323 2009-01-27 13:48:12Z potyra $ 
 * ParserDriver: glue class to driver between scanner and parser.
 * Copyright (C) 2007-2009 FAUmachine Team <info@faumachine.org>.
 * This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License, either version 2 of
 * the License, or (at your option) any later version. See COPYING.


/* attention, this file get's included in several nasty places:
   1) at the beginning of the generated scanner. Thus some glue 
      definitions to make it work.
   2) From the code-file of the parser

#include <string>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <stack>
#include "FAUhdlParser.tab.hh"
#include "location.hh"
#include "frontend/ast/LibraryList.hpp"
#include "frontend/ast/Location.hpp"
#include "frontend/reporting/SyntaxError.hpp"
#include "frontend/misc/SymbolTable.hpp"
#include "frontend/misc/NameLookup.hpp"
#include "frontend/reporting/SyntaxError.hpp"
#include "frontend/reporting/CompileError.hpp"

namespace yy {
      class ParserDriver;
      class Identifier;

/* Announce to Flex the prototype we want for lexing function, ... */
#define YY_DECL                                             \
  yy::FAUhdlParser::token_type                                    \
  yy::FAUhdlScanner::yylex(yy::FAUhdlParser::semantic_type* yylval,     \
        yy::FAUhdlParser::location_type* yylloc,                  \
        ParserDriver& driver)

/* redefine yyterminate, to be of the same type */
#define yyterminate() return token::t_EOF

namespace ast {
      class Symbol;

namespace yy {

class FAUhdlScanner;

/** Glue class, that connects the scanner and the parser.
00059 class ParserDriver {
      /** c'tor 
       *  @param symTab symbol table instance for the scanner. */
      ParserDriver(ast::SymbolTable& symTab);

      /** d'tor */
      virtual ~ParserDriver();

      /** glue function that will call the real flexer
         *  @param yylval Semantic value of scanned token.
         *  @param yylloc Location of scanned token.
            yy::FAUhdlParser::semantic_type* yylval,
            yy::FAUhdlParser::location_type* yylloc

      //! Report a parse error.
        /** Used as callback from the parser.
         *  @param l Location of parse errror.
         *  @param msg error message.
            const yy::FAUhdlParser::location_type& l,
            const std::string& msg
      ) throw(SyntaxError);

      /** Parse a file.
       *  @exception runtime_error in case the file could not get opened.
       *  @exception SyntaxError in case there were errors during parsing.
       *  @param filename name of file
       *  @param lib library name the file is in.
      void parse(
            const std::string& filename,
            const char *lib
            )     throw(std::runtime_error, SyntaxError, 

      //! Convert a string to lower case.
        /** The argument will get overwritten with the result.
         *  @param mixed convert this string to lower case
      static void 
      toLower(std::string& mixed);

      //! Make an float/int from a vhdl based real/int literal.
      /** can be instantiated with any number type, that can be 
          * static_cast from long.
        * @param number based vhdl float/int, e.g. 16#FF.1A#E+1
        * @return value of the double
        * @exception std::invalid_argument in case no base specifier
        *            is present.
      template <typename T>
      static T 
      makeBased(std::string number) throw(std::invalid_argument);

      //! Make an float/int from a vhdl unbased real literal.
      /** can be instantiated with any number type, that can be 
          * static_cast from long.
        * @param number vhdl float/int, e.g. 123.456E-14
        * @return value of the double
      template <typename T>
      static T 
      makeBase10(std::string number);

      //! Remove double quotes from a string.
      /** will turn "" to ", and also remove the surrounding quotes.
       *  @param s string to mangle.
       *  @return correct string, caller needs to free the allocated mem.
      static std::string* 
      removeQuotes(std::string s);

      //! Normalize a vhdl bit string.
      /** Remove surrounding quotes and normalize to binary values.
       *  @param s string that will get normalized.
       *  @return normalized bit string.
       *  @exception if the digit is bigger than allowed.
      static std::string* 
      makeBitString(std::string s) throw(std::out_of_range);

      //! build an ast::Location.
      /** build an ast::Location with the given yy::location and the current
          * file as filename.
          * @param loc location in the parser.
          * @return Location with linenumber and filename.
00155       bl(const location& loc) const {
            return ast::Location(loc.begin.line, this->currentFile);

      //! register given unit to current library.
      /** register the Library unit unit to the currently opened libary.
       *  @param unit to register
      void registerLibUnit(ast::LibUnit *unit);

      //! lookup a symbol in the SymbolTable and return the according token.
      /** wrapper to coordinate between SymbolTable and Scanner.
       *  @param id string of the identifier
       *  @param semanticValue semantic value that will get filled in.
       *  @param loc location of the identifier
       *  @return identifier token type.
            const char *id, 
            ast::NodeFactory::Identifier *&semanticValue,
            const FAUhdlParser::location_type &loc) const;

      //! build the SimpleName of an operator.
      /** Build the SimpleName of an operator, look it up in the 
       *  SymbolTable and complain, if no candidates are found.
       *  @param op name of the operator.
       *  @param loc location of the operator symbol
       *  @return created SimpleName.
            const char *op, 
            const FAUhdlParser::location_type &loc) const;

      //! register all symbols in symbols with type
      /** register all symbols named in symbols into the current
       *  region of the symbolTable.
       *  @param symbols list of symbols to register.
       *  @param type type to register symbols.
      template <typename T>
      void registerSymbolDecls(
            const T *symbols,
            enum ast::symType type

      /** scanner instance */
00205       FAUhdlScanner *scanner;
      /** top DesignUnitList */
00208       ast::LibraryList *topNode;

      /** current library */
00211       ast::Library *currentLibrary;

      /** symboltable instance for scanner */
00214       ast::SymbolTable &symbolTable;

      /** glue frontend for SymbolTable while parsing */
00217       ast::NameLookup &nameLookup;

      /** should identifiers get looked up and reported as individual 
       *  ID_* instances?
00222       bool lookupIdentifiers;

      /** current label (or NULL) for the sequential/concurrent statement */
00225       std::string *label;

      /** top will point to the current callable, so that a return statement
       *  can lookup to which it applies.
       *  If empty (i.e. outside of a subprogram), no return statement is 
       *  allowed.
00232       std::stack<ast::Callable*> subprogStack;

      //! Convert an integer string to a long int.
      /** @param intval sequence of characteres [0-9a-zA-Z], with an 
         *         optional prefix of + or -.
         *  @param base base multiplier.
         *  @return value of intval.
         *  @exception invalid_argument intval contains other characters
         *  @exception out_of_range intval characters have greater value
         *               than base
      static long 
      makeLong(const std::string& intval, unsigned char base)
                  throw(std::invalid_argument, std::out_of_range);

      //! Determine the value of a ascii (extended) digit.
      /** @param c ascii digit.
       *  @return value of the digit or -1 if out of range.
      static char 
      getDigitValue(char c);

      //! Normalize a hex bit string.
      /** @return normalized bit string. Caller must free it.
       *  @param s vhdl hex bit string
      static std::string* 
      makeHexBitString(std::string& s);
      //! Normalize a octal bit string.
      /** @return normalized string. Caller must free it.
       *  @param s vhdl octal bit string.
       *  @exception std::out_of_range if a digit is not an octal
       *                  digit.
      static std::string* 
      makeOctBitString(std::string& s) throw(std::out_of_range);

      //! Convert sting number to T.
      /** @param val value of actual number +-[0-9a-zA-Z] optional with .
         *  @param exponent value of exponent (base 10): [eE]?[+-]?[0-9]*
         *  @param base base multiplier.
         *  @return value of number.
         *  Note: val and exponent may get modified.
      template <typename T>
      static T 
            std::string& val,
            std::string& exponent,
            unsigned char base

      //! reduce candidates to the correct token type.
      /** reduce the list of candidate symbols candidates to the
       *  corresponding token type for the parser.
       *  @param candidates list of symbol candidates.
       *  @return corresponding token type for candidates.
      static FAUhdlParser::token_type
      reduceSymbolToToken(std::list<ast::Symbol*> candidates);

      //! report that id could not have been found.
      /** report an error that the identifier id could not get looked up.
       *  @param id identifier without symbol.
       *  @param loc corresponding location
      void reportNameError(
            const char *id, 
            const FAUhdlParser::location_type &loc) const;

      /** name of the current file */
00306       const std::string* currentFile;

      /** current location of scanner. */
00309       FAUhdlParser::location_type *currentLoc;
}; /* class declaration */

}; /* namespace yy */

/* include template definition */
#include "ParserDriver.tpp"


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