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void ast::GenCode::createInitFunction ( const Process node  )  [private]

create an init function for the process and add it to the current code container.

node Process for which an init function should get created

Definition at line 341 of file GenCode.cpp.

References intermediate::CodeContainer::addCode(), ASSIGN_OPERATION_CONNECT, ASSIGN_OPERATION_COPY, assignExpression, assignOperation, container, destRegs, ast::Process::drivers, ast::SymbolDeclaration::getICName(), intermediate::ImmediateOperand::getZero(), isTarget, and sourceRegs.

      for (std::list<Driver*>::const_iterator i = node.drivers.begin();
            i != node.drivers.end(); i++) {

            this->sourceRegs = RegisterSet(*this->container);
            // even though the signal and the driver are known,
            // the way how to access these is not (pointer, or
            // base-pointer?). (ok, driver of a Process should
            // always be directly via the reference, as it
            // cannot be a parameter!)
            // reuse the SimpleName stored in the driver to
            // find out.

            // first pick up destination driver (the 
            // SimpleName is used to obtain the signal
            // *and* the driver depending on isTarget)
            this->assignOperation = ASSIGN_OPERATION_CONNECT;
            this->isTarget = true;
            this->assignExpression = false;
            assert((*i)->n != NULL);

            // then pick up the source signal.
            this->destRegs = this->sourceRegs;
            this->sourceRegs = RegisterSet(*this->container);
            this->isTarget = false;
            this->assignExpression = true;

      this->assignExpression = false;
      this->assignOperation = ASSIGN_OPERATION_COPY;
      this->sourceRegs = RegisterSet(*this->container);
      this->destRegs = RegisterSet(*this->container);
      Reference *ref = new Reference(node.getICName());
      BeginTransfer *bg = new BeginTransfer(ref, new Reference(""));

      Proc *proc = new Proc(ref);

      EndTransfer *et = new EndTransfer(ref, ImmediateOperand::getZero());

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